• similarity
  • equivalence
  • equivalence class
  • object properties
  • intersections
  • context by which sim rels are claimed: extrapolation
  • context in which sim rels are claimed
  • Under what conditions is similarity transitive?
  • structures
  • basic structures like symmetry are *too* appealing
  • structures in / never claimed to exist by Math
  • structures in / claimed to exist by Sociology
  • when it’s totally OK?
  • poetry
  • when it’s totally not OK?
  • common parlance
  • analogies and similarity: false aura of “essence” or importance. Just one of many semantic fields, just like4 can be rationalized as 2+2 or 3+1 or 2.5+1.5 and so on
  • On patterns:



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I can only make myself accountable for my thoughts if I write them publicly (sorry) but it’s probably best if no one reads them.